Kulintang Arts, Inc. popularly known as Kularts, was founded in 1985 by Robert L. Henry, Marcella Pabros, and Alleluia Panis to support the work of Kulintang Arts Ensemble (KAE), a ten-member music and dance company whose contemporary work was rooted in the indigenous traditions of the Pilipino people.


In 1995, after a decade of successful concert seasons, creation of major works, recordings and international & national touring, KAE experienced a major crisis — artist burn-out. Based on major planning and assessment by the Board of Directors and Kularts’ stake holders, the organization was transformed into one of the leading presenters of works by American Pilipino and Philippines-based artists. More importantly, Kularts expanded both its educational programming and its mentorship role in developing emerging and established artists. At the center of this development has been a historic cultural renaissance in the Pilipino community among young people, a clear articulation of the mission of Kularts, a passion for the work based in a proud artistic legacy, and a refinement of organizational practices involving an innovative collaborative strategy and the flexible, efficient use of resources. Embodying these core assets has been the leadership of Alleluia Panis in navigating through the challenges of the past decade, ensuring that those experiences manifest into a strong and viable future for Kularts. Today, Kularts continues to perform a key role in the shaping of contemporary Pilipino cultural identity and community.

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