ASWANG – Tagalog Song Cycle

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Kularts Presents

Florante AguilarFlorante Aguilar’s ASWANG- Tagalog Song Cycle
Saturday | January 26, 2013 | 8pm
Sunday | January 27, 2013 | 3pm

Bindlestiff Studio
185-6th Street @ Howard (MAP)
$12 in advance; $15 @ door (BUY NOW)

Join Kularts for this concert of music exploring the fantastic creatures of Pilipino legends and ghost stories, imaginatively told from the creatures’ point of view. Written and sung in classic Tagalog, Aguilar’s composition innovates the Pilipino traditional harana and kundiman musical forms into a contemporary framework.

‘ASWANG is inspired by Philippine ghosts stories that we enjoyed telling each other when we were growing up in the province. I wanted those creatures to come alive and tell their own stories from their point of view.’  – Florante Aguilar, Composer

Featuring performances from:

Florante Aguilar (Guitar), Chus Alonso (flute), Sage Baggott (percussion) and Greg Kehret (double bass)

Vocalists: Giovanni Ortega, Leon Palad, Bryan Pangilinan, and Kristine Sinajon


The Manananggal, a fierce mythical creature, severs her upper torso and flies into the night to prey on the hearts and blood of unborn children. Was this story meant to discredit the powerful and respected female healers of pre-colonial times? Did the demonizing propaganda of Spanish colonizers successfully thwart the authority of these women? Or did they continue their spiritual healing under the guise of the Pilipino Christian practice?

What is behind the story of the hairy giant cigar-smoking Kapre who lives atop tall trees in the forest? Is this creature a product of clever propaganda to convince the natives to chop down trees, thereby supplying much needed lumber for the galleon trade?

 ASWANG is funded by the San Francisco Foundation and the San Francisco Arts Commission.