Kularts 2015 Roundup! Donate & Empower Artists for 2016!

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It’s been an eventful, incredible year for Kularts!

Huge thank you for participating, attending & funding Kularts 2015 programming!!

Keep the momentum going!!

Make an end of the year tax-deductible donation via: Online PayPal Link OR send a check to Kularts 474 Faxon Avenue San Francisco, CA 94112

Check out some of Kularts 2015 Highlights:

56 Ma’ARTes Fest funders

FIRST ever Ma’ARTes Festival: Opening Reception, Kodakan Exhibition, World Premiere of She, Who Can See and There’s The Moon & Then There’s You, the return of Maség Typhoon, Barrio Fiesta and SoMa Pilipinas Arts Fair

– Back by popular demand, the return of She, Who Can See

Kodakan Exhibit at the I-Hotel Manilatown Center, ACT’s Strand Theater and Bayanihan Community Center

FIRST ever Parol Lantern Commissions, currently at the Philippine Consulate General, San Francisco

Maség makes positive waves with Positively Filipino Magazine

February 6, 2015 in Maseg, Maseg Typhoon, Works by Jay Loyola


Positively Filipino Magazine has featured Maség: Typhoon in their latest roundup of stories

Written by Lisa Suguitan Melnick, the review captures the artistic partnership of Master Pilipino Artists – choreographer Jay Loyola, composer Florante Aguilar and creative director, Alleluia Panis.

Melnick explores the deeper themes of Maség and uncovers the core of the production, here’s a sneak peek of the story:

“Maség investigates stories of immigration, subjugation and finally, reconciliation. This theme parallels major elements of Panis’ definition of her career’s work: decolonization through the arts, indigenous spirituality, self-representation, authenticity and striving for excellence.”


Read the entire article at: 

Maség, An Artistic Tempest

Maség: Typhoon hits iTunes!

January 30, 2015 in Maseg, Maseg Typhoon, Works by Jay Loyola



Still missing the mesmerizing music of Maség from your playlist?

The original score composed by renowned musician, Florante Aguilar, is available for download via iTunes.

Select your favorite songs to download or purchase the entire soundtrack with ease.

To download visit the iTunes shop: 

Maség by Florante Aguilar on iTunes

Open Call: Name our May 2015 Pinoy Arts Fest

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Kularts has your May calendar filled with non-stop activities but we need a little help.

Right now we have a working title: “2015 Pinoy Arts Fest” but we’re looking for a name with a little more flair!

That’s where you come in!

We want to ask you, the Pilipino families who have grown up in & around the SOMA area

and understand its significance to our Pilipino history.

Help us come up with a name that celebrates that history

and shows everyone that we are here and we are thriving!

To help you brainstorm here’s a list of our 2015 Pinoy Arts Fest events:


May 1 – The Kodakan kick-off event at the I-Hotel

May 4 – 9 – Bindlestiff Production

May 16 – The premiere of “She Who Can See” by Alleluia Panis + Dance Night!

May 23 – Maség at Yerba Buena Gardens

May 23, 30 – Special tour led by tour guide extraordinaire and outspoken cultural activist Carlos Celdran

& May 30 – SOMA Pilipina Arts Fair at Victoria Manalo Draves Park

Submit your ideas to

Email: program@kularts.org

Subject Title: New Name for Pinoy Arts Fest

Deadline: Friday January 23rd @ 11 AM

If your festival name is chosen we will contact you & credit you on our social media channels!

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