Save the Date – World Premiere of Alleluia Panis’ INCARCERATED 6×9 this May, 2018

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San Francisco Arts Commission’s 2017-18 Artistic Legacy Grant Recipient, Alleluia Panis is gearing up for the World Premiere of her most recent dance-media piece INCARCERATED 6×9: coming to Bindlestiff Studio this May 4-6 & 11-13, 2018.

Created and choreographed by Panis along with fellow collaborators, media artist, Wilfred Galila and composer, Rachel Lastimosa – 6×9 explores the hopes, delusions and the ultimate will to survive in the loneliest, most bitter place on the planet. Inspired by the real-life incarceration accounts of young Pinoy Americans between 1966-2008, it is a work of creative non-fiction located in the near future 2048, highlighting the state of humanity among Pilipinos in the United States,150 years after the US annexation of the Philippines.

Keep an eye on Kularts’ website for exclusive updates, tickets and more! 

Support Pilipino Arts: Christine’s Run for Kularts and ACPA’s Gangsa Campaign!

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LAST 2 DAYS to join Christine’s #StayGold MVPS!

THIS Sunday, February 4, she’ll be running in the Surf-City Half Marathon in honor of Kularts Programming.

Donate to support Christine & Kularts and get your shout-out!

Sponsor artist, educator & Kularts Board Member, Christine Balance and send your donation/sponsorship directly to KulArts’ Paypal account above or via check to Kularts 474 Faxon Ave SF, CA 94112

Please be sure to include, in the memo/message section, Christine’s running motto: STAY GOLD

$50+ Donations receive Kularts’ NEW limited edition canvas bag

On January 31, 2018 while the American Center of Philippine Arts (ACPA) were rehearsing for their upcoming February 17th show, ANIHAN: The Harvest, thieves broke into one of the musician’s cars and grabbed a bag in the backseat that had their Gangsa set (7 brass gongs from Kalinga, Philippines).

Please help out our friends and donate what you can to them to raise funds for a new Gangsa set.

For all the information & to donate visit:

GoFundMe: ACPA Gangsa Replacement Campaign

Join the #StayGold MVP Donors — Sponsor Christine’s Run for Kularts!

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Tracy Buenavista, Olivia Malabuyo, Gayle Romasanta, Jeffrey Castro, James Lee, Jesse Gonzalez, & Maricha Dagcutan

Support #StayGold ~ Christine Balance’s Surf-City Half Marathon run in honor of Kularts! 

Sponsor artist, educator & Kularts Board Member, Christine Balance and send your donation/sponsorship directly to KulArts’ Paypal account above or via check to Kularts 474 Faxon Ave SF, CA 94112

Please be sure to include, in the memo/message section, Christine’s running motto: STAY GOLD

$50+ Donations receive Kularts’ NEW limited edition canvas bag

Sponsor Christine’s Golden Run in Honor of KULARTS!

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Our Golden Pinay is at it again!! 

Sponsor this incredible artist, educator and of course fabulous Kularts Board Member, Christine Balance as she runs in honor of Kularts this February, 2018 in the Surf City Half-Marathon.

Read her full message below and click the button to become a Golden Sponsor!


On February 4, 2018, I will be running the Surf City Half-Marathon in honor of KulArts, an organization that has served the South of Market Area, San Francisco/Bay Area, California and the larger Filipino diaspora for the past three decades. Over the years, KulArts has provided for me—as an artist, scholar, and community member—a place to express, experiment, and explore my self, history, and my culture. And I know it has done the same (and so much more) for countless others.


If 2017 has taught us anything it’s that, now more than ever, we ourselves have to support the people we love, the things that bring us joy, our stories and our self-expression.


Today, and in the spirit of this holiday/holy-day season, I am writing to ask for your sponsorship of my half-marathon run, with all the proceeds directly benefiting KulArts. Your donation can be as low as $1 per mile ($13.10) or as great as $100 per mile ($1,310). All sponsorship/donations will receive a tax-deductible donation letter directly from KulArts, all donors/sponsors will be listed on the KulArts website, and I will be buoyed by your generosity and spirit on the actual race day. If you’d like to follow my training journey, feel free to visit or follow me on Instagram (@basyang76).


Please help me reach my final goal of $4,192 by the end of 2017—a mere $320 per mile ($10 for every year that KulArts has existed). You can send your donation/sponsorship directly to KulArts’ Paypal account HERE or via check to Kularts 474 Faxon Ave SF, CA 94112. Please be sure to include, in the memo/message section, my running motto: STAY GOLD.


* P E R K S * 

All of our super golden sponsors with $50+ donations will receive our BRAND NEW limited edition
Kularts Canvas Tote Bag (estimated delivery: February, 2018)

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