Go for the gold with Christine & support her run for Kularts!

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Sponsor artist, educator & longtime Kularts supporter Christine Balance as she runs for Kularts!



2001 was a life-changing year for me. As a graduate student living in New York City, I not only survived the initial shock and aftermath—felt throughout the city, nation, and world—of September 11th. As a young Asian American woman, I survived a violent attack on a subway platform one Sunday night in late January. I do not share these stories to elicit sympathy or invoke sadness. I share them to help you understand my long-standing belief and passion for two other life-changing things—the arts and running.

Throughout 2001, I learned many things about my self and the world. That, as many “to do” lists you make, things are never fully in your control. That the only things you can control are your own mind and body. That those moments, when life seems loudest and craziest, are usually the best times to slow down and just breathe. That, as tough as the city and world can seem, there is always room for love when you remain open. There is strength in silence and in vulnerability.

Since those challenging times, I have found strength and solace in the arts and running. Their rituals have helped me remember the never-ending cycles of starts and finishes, the character-building aspects of discipline—of training schedules and lacing up one’s shoes, of rehearsals and performances and after-show hangs. The feelings they spark have helped me come back to my body, as a vessel, as a voice, as a sentient being among other sentient beings, again and again— the highs that come with simple motion, making music with others, watching a performer transform onstage, and seeing different artists share, build, and connect.

On February 7, 2016, I will be running the Surf City Half-Marathon in honor of KulArts, an organization that has served the South of Market Area, San Francisco/Bay Area, California and the larger Filipino diaspora for the past three decades. Over the years, KulArts has provided for me—as an artist, scholar, and community member—a place to express, experiment, and explore my self, my history, and my culture. And I know it has done the same (and so much more) for countless others.

Today, and in the spirit of #GivingTuesday, I am writing to ask for your sponsorship of my half-marathon run, with all the proceeds directly benefiting KulArts. Your donation can be as low as $1 per mile ($13.10) or as great as $100 per mile. All sponsorship/donations will receive a tax-deductible donation letter directly from KulArts, all donors/sponsors will be listed on the KulArts website, and I will be buoyed by your generosity and spirit on the actual race day. If you’d like to follow my training journey, feel free to visit or follow me on Instagram (@basyang76).

Please help me reach my final goal of $3,930 by the end of 2015—a mere $300 per mile (or $10 for every year that KulArts has existed). You can send your donation/sponsorship directly to KulArts’ Paypal account HERE or via check to Kularts 474 Faxon Ave SF, CA 94112. Please be sure to include, in the memo/message section, my running motto: STAY GOLD.

Here’s to 30 life-changing years of KulArts in SoMA, San Francisco, the Bay Area and the world…and to 30 years more! Mabuhay at daghang salamat.



SEND CHECK TO: Kularts 474 Faxon Avenue San Francisco, CA 94112