Get your Ba-e Makiling Tickets, Tote Bags & More! Become a funder!!

August 31, 2016 in Bae Makiling, Uncategorized, Works by Jay Loyola


Our countdown to the world premiere of Ba-e Makiling, Diwata of the Moutain continues! 

Nine days left to get your advance tickets for Kularts’ newest Philippine Dance Theater work:

Ba-e Makiling
Sept 9-18, 2016
at Bindlestiff Studio – 185 6th Street, San Francisco, CA
(Advance Tickets

Don’t forget, you can get a package full of Ba-e Makiling rewards when you become a funder (for as little as $25!)


Check out the complete list of goodies and get a sneak preview of the magic that is Ba-e Makiling in the Crowdfunding Page and video!

Support the campaign and help us reach our $10,000 goal! Your funds will help increase artists & designers fees for the amazing cast & crew!

All the info & more:
Ba-e Makiling Crowdfunding Campaign Page