Kularts Continues the Search for Kwentohan: Tell Me A Story Submissions!

August 29, 2014 in Kwentohan, Making Visible, Uncategorized

Growing up, did you and your kuya ever fight over who’d get to play Manny Pacquiao? Does your lola make the best pancit but you’d never tell your mom?

Did your tita ever have dreams of owning a restaurant of her very own? As a child in the Philippines did you tell your brother and dad to push the boat faster after a typhoon hit your province?

Or maybe you can recall moments in your childhood in the Philippines when your dad would take you out to show you to all his buddies!

Kularts is still looking for the best stories from Bay Area Pilipinos for our newest project, Kwentohan: Tell Me A Story. We’ve received a number of fantastic submissions but still want to hear from more of you!

There’s a total of four prompts you can choose from, and we would like you to pick one and share with us your best narrative! If you’re a little nervous don’t worry, submit to us your best draft and at our next Kwentohan: Cincematic Photography & Comics Workshop at Bayanihan Community Center, Saturday, September 20th 2014 from 10 AM – 5 PM, we invite you to come in and work on your drafts with our artists as well as learn the process of how comics are created.

At the end of our Kwentohan: Tell Me A Story call for submissions, we will select up to 5 entries and transform their stories into comics and display them as posters /or murals in the Bay Area in 2015!

To learn more and submit your story go to:

The Kwentohan: Tell Me A Story, registration form!

For more information about the Kwentohan: Tell Me A Story project and the workshops go to:

The Kwentohan Page