Huge thank you + salamat to the audience, funders, sponsors & community orgs who made the Sept run of SWCS such a success!!

She, Who Can See tells the story of a 4th generation Filipina American, and her struggles with her shamanic inheritance. Her world is turned upside down, disrupting her life and sanity when ancestral entities appear in her dreams and just about everywhere else.

Created & Conceived by: Alleluia Panis
Music by: Florante Aguilar                  Video by: Wilfred Galila

June Arellano – Adhara
Rebecca Fazio – Kimat
Jonathan Mercado – Ig
Samantha ‘Sammay’ Dizon – Ragat
Alexandria Diaz De Fato – Salima
Gregory Manalo – Nico

She, Who Can See Trailer

She, Who Can See Trailer 2

May 15- 17 She, Who Can See Program.PDF

Sept 4, 5, 11 & 12 She, Who Can See Program.PDF


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  1. Leah says:

    Hi! Is this going to be theatrical or movie screening? Just want to clarify since I know Bindlestiff for its performing arts. Salamat!

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