PANG-LIMA A once a powerful and righteous shaman chieftain, is unfairly ousted by his political enemy. Exiled in a remote typhoon-battered island of Puló, he plots his revenge, and becomes a vicious slave master of the indigenous people of Puló. He conjures up a storm to shipwreck the balangay ship his enemy, Sultan Surab.


SURAB The brother of Pang-lima’s arch enemy who turned a blind eye to Pang-lima’s ousting. Surab is caught in Pang-lima’s web of revenge  when his balangay ship sinks in a fierce typhoon created by Pang-lima’s magic.


MATÉN-LÓH The  daughter of Pang-lima. She grew up a lonely child in the island. She tries to gain the trust and  friendship of the indigenous people of Puló but because of her father, the islanders avoid her. She falls in love with Kisig, the son of her father’s enemy.


KISIG Shipwrecked with his father, Sultan Surab  and is found unconscious on the beach of Puló by daughter of the exiled chieftain Pang-lima, Matén-loh. She nurses him back to health. They fall in love.


KAPRE The indigenous chief of Puló, he is the deity of the forest. He is a  hunter and  a fierce warrior loved by his people. Although physically strong and powerful, Panglima dominates Kapre, by cruelly punishing his people, the Tipuslads.


DANG KALIPAY The sister of Kapre. She is the deity of the energetic field that holds the universe in its place.


DERES An indigenous island deity of rain, lightning, and seas, He is enslaved with an invisible neck collar, that Panglima tightens whenever he is displeased. Upon Pang-lima orders, Deres  maneuver Surab’s boat into the eye of the storm.

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