Making Revolution: Christine Balance

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Professor Christine Bacareza Balance’s Catch and Release Modern Revolution Kit


How do you make revolution on the daily? In #MYOR curator, Professor Christine Bacareza Balance’s modern revolution kit, she illuminates a day-to-day mind/body revolution that is a practice of reflection, intention and determination.

REVOLUTION: “a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something” (from Merriam-Webster dictionary)

I WAGE CHANGE THROUGH: writing, teaching, organizing, listening, singing, meditation and mindful awareness, knowing when to seize the day and when to let go.


1. Yoga (magazine & strap)/ Workout headband: instruments in my daily practices of exercise, movement, and meditation; ways of reminding myself that I am more than just my body and that self-discipline takes many forms. I began yoga, while living in New York, in 2001 and the practice has helped me through some of life’s hardest journeys, so far.

2. Headphones: gear for “listening,” aka turning inward while also expanding my horizons. Many folks see (and use) headphones simply for blocking out the outside world. I use it to activate the worlds in between my ears.

3. Daily quotes book/ Rosary / Anting-anting / “#10” playing card (found object): amulets that serve as reminders of something bigger and greater, of the power of magic and the unknown. I bought the daily quote book back in 1994 (omg, almost 20 years ago!) during my freshman year of college. As you can see from the burnt edges, the book has survived one or more candle spills on my altars over the years. Each day, each page provides a centering quote, a life’s lesson, and then a “Thought for the Day.” The rosary and anting-anting: because we need all types of protection and, quite literally, something to hold onto. Playing cards (also feathers and dimes) have been “falling my way” since I lived in San Francisco in the late 1990s. I hold onto them as reminders of older spirits and ancestors, as well as the simplicity of “1s” and “0s.”

4. iPhone/laptop: technological devices to help cultivate how I communicate and share, document and capture, archive and store (in short, how I work to ‘create’ everyday)

5. Public library card: a free token that allows me to access some of the most democratic forms of knowledge (aka libraries). Two hard-working immigrants, my parents could not provide me with every material thing my heart desired, let alone with much of their time. But the one thing my dad, the secret scholar, could offer me was a ride to our local public library. There, in books, films, and musical recordings, I found refuge, learning, dissonance, provocations, and ways out…. exercises that tested, while helping me maintain, my balance on the battlefields of the mind, heart, and spirit. It was during all those after-school and weekend sessions—in the library stacks of West Covina, Walnut, Pomona, and downtown Los Angeles—that my father offered me the greatest inheritance he could afford.

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