Making Revolution: Jason Magabo Perez

September 13, 2013 in Make Your Own Revolution, Uncategorized


“Inhale Change” by Jason Magabo Perez, MYOR curator + writer 

myor_kit_Jason Magabo Perez

How do you make revolution on the daily? For #MYOR curator, writer Jason Magabo Perez gives the low down on the weapons of a brilliant writer.

1. piece of paper
I fold a piece of lightweight printer paper in fourths and stash it in my shirt pocket.

2. pilot ultra fine gel pen
dark and thin: what I write with and what I hope exercise will make me.

3. laptop (not pictured)
I can type things out and delete any evidence of wack ass ideas.

4. skin cream
it is quite difficult to write when one has an insatiably itchy forehead and neck.

5. glasses
affordable prescription hipster eyeglasses in order to be a contemporary artist.

6. emergency & preventative asthma inhalers
I can’t breathe sometimes; therefore, I cannot be as brilliant.

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Jason will be leading Creative Writing Workshop: Personal & Political Histories on September 21st, 2-4pm . Early Registration is strongly suggested.

See you at this year’s Make Your Own Revolution September 20-22: Fictions of Dictatorship.