Making Revolution: Artist Paolo Salazar

September 11, 2013 in Make Your Own Revolution

MAKING REVOLUTION: Visual Artist Paolo Salazar’s “Revolutionary Tools of the Trade”

MYOR Paolo Salazar

Paolo will be sprawling pro-people street art on the sidewalks and walls at this year’s MAKE YOUR OWN REVOLUTION: Art in the Streets. Next Weekend Sept 21-22. #Makibaka

All of these items are what I require as an artist on an everyday basis to create my revolution-

1. My trusty Lenovo Pc laptop that I got from Electronic Fry’s for $200 and my IPhone 4s. They are my main tools to conduct my business affairs and tap in the universe without traveling across the world.

2. I bring around my Billy Owen’s external hard drive because I never know when I need to save gigabytes of info or share my music collection.

3. I can’t go anywhere without my Daily planner, I don’t like electronic planners, I need something I can physically see my past, present, and future.

4. My sketchpad is where I brainstorm and hash out ideas, my starting point to where I make magical things happen.

5. I keep a lined notebook also, it is where I organize images into words, paragraphs into full length plays, or one liners into epic power love ballads.

6. As a gallery owner & artist, its super important to have business cards on me at all times, you never know when you strike up a conversation with a millionaire in the urinal stall next to you.

7. My preference in a pen is the Pilot Precise rolling Ball Fine point pen, it nevers get clogged and has a lot of life in its ink.

8. Krink Markers are the best, permanent on any surface and comes in all different colors, I also use the Magnum Sharpies because I like them big.

9. I always have pencils on me to express my fragile nature.

10. I included a Montana spray can because its my best tool to feed my instant gratification.

11, Living in the city without a car, and keeping myself from getting all sweaty from biking, my clipper card makes it easy for me to travel long distances quickly.

12. Last but not least, a paint brush, it is the tool that brings home the cheddar.