Making Revolution: Sean San Jose

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“My dozen to-dos for Dis Pinoy’s Revolution” by Sean San Jose


How do you make revolution on the daily? In #MYOR curator, director Sean San Jose’s modern revolution kit, he shares with us a true school cache of literature, cinema and a rosary.

1. Danger & Beauty- jessica hagedorn- book
you will need to go through one to get to the other
and the best guide is la jessica

2. At Canaan’s Edge- Taylor Branch- book
many many stories of the everyday revolution
fought in this very country, pushing to the edge of canaan
as they say- if you ain’t living on the edge, you taking up to much space

3. Old Boy- Chan Wook Park- movie
when you can’t remember how you got here,
old boy shows you how to fight to get back there…
and a few times shows you how to fight if this ish really gets thick

4. dying for the truth/ undercover inside the mexican drug/ war blog del narco- book
this is a real war, right now, right below us, and fueled by many of U.S…
hoping for a revolution to arise there soon

5. Cholo Writing: Latino Gang Graffiti in Los Angeles- book
cuz we need our own codes to identify ourselves, our spots, our people, our places
and placas is one real way

6. Pryor Convictions- Richard Pryor- book
one of my heroes, and my revolution got to have the fire of a hero
he lived it, he lit it, he was too real

7. The Mayor of Castro Street- Randy Shilts- book
speaking of heroes and revolutions, this tells the tale of a few, including harvey milk, as written by another hero, randy shilts, and in our own city of san francisco

8. The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions- Miles Davis- music
more heroes, more revolutionaries, the great miles davis’s tribute to the great jack johnson and includes songs about other heroes, archie moore, willie nelson, to name a few

9. Carlos- Olivier Assayas- movie
a movie about carlos the jackal, who fought in a real revolution for change, what would be called a terrorist battle today

10. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao- Junot Diaz- book
because diaz is a hero and a revolutionary and gives us our worlds as immigrants growing up in the united states and then tells us and educates us about everyday revolutionaries in the dominican who lived and died through trujillo’s dictatorship

11.  Culture Clash in America- Culture Clash- book
the revolution that is still burning includes culture clash from 1984 on and stays burning with richard montoya’s writing

12. rosary
cuz i have to believe in something greater than me, something that reminds me too of family and faith.

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