Meet Maség’s Deni-ai in the latest entry: A Bad Hunch

November 5, 2014 in Maseg, Maseg Crowdfunding, Maseg Typhoon, Uncategorized, Works by Jay Loyola

deni-aisq-photoOne would think to avoid sailing near the island where you exiled your spiteful sworn enemy. Even when the seer of the family, Deni-ai feels something bad is about to occur Sultan Surab dismisses his second wife’s concerns and continues to plan the family journey.

Get into the mind of Deni-ai as she expresses her bad hunch, her role in the family and other inner thoughts in the latest blog entry: Deni-ai Entry: A Bad Hunch 

Watch the drama unfold in front of your eyes at the premiere of Maség Typhoon Saturday Nov. 15, 8 PM and Sunday Nov. 16, 3 PM at the historic Brava Theater Center.

We’ll see you in Puló!