Meet Maség’s Kudima in today’s blog: Jealousy and Intrigue

November 6, 2014 in Maseg, Maseg Crowdfunding, Maseg Typhoon, Works by Jay Loyola

kudima-sq-photoYesterday we met Deni-ai, Surab’s second wife and the healer / seer of the clan. She mentioned how she hadn’t been welcomed by Surab’s other wife, Kudima. But really, there are two sides to each story! And despite what Deni-ai thinks Kudima truly finds her invaluable with family.

Read Kudima’s side in today’s blog entry: Kudima entry: Jealousy and Intrigue

The story is really coming along and there’s only one way to watch it from beginning to end – purchase advance tickets to the premiere of Maség Typhoon, premiering Saturday Nov. 15, 8 PM and Sunday, Nov. 16, 3 PM at the Brava Theater center.

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