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Since 1989, Kularts has been offering classes in Pilipino music, dance, creative writing, theater and visual arts. Our goal is to educate diverse populations in the arts of the Pilipino people through a program that emphasizes cooperation, collaboration, and responsibility. Instructors develop supportive, consistent relationships with students, and foster a safe, positive environment for peer-to-peer relationships. Over the years, our curricula have given students the opportunity to develop a better understanding and articulation of self-identity and Pilipino cultural values within the American context.

Young Pin@y Voices 2011


Learn more about our Arts Education Programs by checking out our zine, Young Pin@y Voices: Celebrating Kularts Arts Education Program. Download it for free on-line!








The Kularts Ed Program has served 10,000+ students throughout the San Francisco and Jefferson School Districts, including:
Aptos Middle School
Bessie Carmichael Elementary School
Everett Middle School
Filipino Education Center
Longfellow Elementary School
School of the Arts
Washington High School

Past Performances:
San Francisco Lunar Festival
2007 Asian Heritage Street Celebration (SOMA, SF)
Parol Lantern Festival & Parade
Culturecore* Youth Arts Celebration
Bessie Carmichael Flores de Mayo Celebration

*Kularts is a member of the CultureCore Program, a collaborative of arts organizations providing in-school and after school arts education throughout San Francisco. Members include: Bayview Opera House, Brava! for Women in the Arts (BRAVA), Chinese Cultural Productions, and The Mexican Museum.


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