Kularts’s programs bring Pilipinos together to create community, shared experiences, self-awareness, and a deeper understanding of our history. By supporting both tribal and contemporary artforms, Kularts creates a cultural dialogue across history and geographies to combat cultural erasure. Kularts pursues its mission through the following programs and services:

  • Kularts Presents commissions and showcases contemporary and tribal Pilipino performing arts by American Pilipino and international artists throughout the year, presenting over 100 artists each year. Recent commissioned artists include Philippine dance master Jay Loyola and composer Florante Aguilar.
  • The Community Engagement Program produces participatory art-making activities in traditional and contemporary art forms taught by Pilipino American artist instructors. In addition to regular community workshops for youth and adults, the program produces the annual Parol Lantern Parade & Festival in partnership with the Filipino-American Development Foundation.
  • The Visual Arts Program commissions community murals and visual arts projects, as well as presents exhibitions such as Kodakan: Filipinos in the City led by Wilfred Galila that explored evolving perceptions of Pilipino identity and presence.

In addition to these core programs, Kularts also serves as a community anchor and mentor, particularly in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco and the recently recognized SOMA Pilipinas cultural district.



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