Q&A | Ba-e Makiling Edition: Stephanie Herrera

August 26, 2016 in Bae Makiling, Uncategorized, Works by Jay Loyola


In honor of our official Ba-e Makiling Crowdfunding Campaign – throughout the fundraising month we’ll be sharing interviews with the artists of our new dance theater work, Ba-e Makiling.

Get to know the team who’s been hard at work!

This week meet the dancer playing “Epang,” Stephanie Herrera!

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1) As a young girl you started dancing Philippine folk dance because your mother, Polly Herrera, was in Bayanihan Dance Company. What has been your inspiration to continue dancing folk dances?

When I first started dancing, I will admit I was forced into it. I cried during rehearsals and was painfully afraid of performing in front of people. But that first performance awakened something in me. It’s the excitement and nerves before going on stage, the pride in representing our culture, the joy in accomplishing a difficult piece, the relationships I’ve developed, 


2) Maség: Typhoon was your first Kularts production integrating modern style of Philippine dance. How have you learned as a dancer through their works?


I had to refocus my mind and body as neither were used to moving in the way the piece needed me to. I also learned to let go, and give in to the movement, to not hesitate.

3) How do you relate most to your character and how are you able to incorporate your own personality into the movements?