Waway Saway demonstrates Talaandig instruments

April 11, 2013 in Philippine Master Artist-In-Residency, Uncategorized

Talaandig Tribal Leader Waway Linsahay Saway demonstrates traditional Talaandig instruments

Tribal leader Waway Saway shows and explains the Katyapi, a lute/guitar of the Talaandig tribe of Bukidnon in the Philippines. This is the 9th Katyapi that he personally made. It took him 2 weeks to make and designed it after the Python. The Katyapi is usually designed after the Lizard. This Katyapi is for sale at $1,200, contact info@kularts.org for details.

He shows and explains the Hulagteb, a bamboo flute with exquisite etched design inspired by nature. There are three for sale, starting at $60. Contact info@kularts.org for details.

Waway Saway explains the Tambuleleng, an indigenous musical instrument that he invented and made. It can be played by plucking/strumming or as a two string violin with a bow. The body of the instrument can also be used for percussion. This instrument is for sale, starting at $1,000. For details, contact info@kularts.org 

Here, he demonstrates the Kubing, also known as the Jaw Harp. It is used as a musical instrument in the T’boli as well as the Talaandig tribe. Long before the use of electronic devices as a means of communication came to be, the Talaandig tribe had the Kubing as a device that transmitted a form language that is spoken purely through music. Inspired by the sound of the Hornbill, the Taalandig use the Kubing as an instrument for courtship. These instruments are for sale, 2 for $5. Contact info@kularts.org for details.