Your last 2014 donation makes 2015 bright

December 29, 2014 in Kwentohan, Making Visible, Maseg Typhoon, Other Work by Alleluia Panis, Tribal Tour, Uncategorized

2015Let’s Propel Pilipino Arts in the New Year! 

This upcoming year we want to continue our partnership with youto celebrate our American Pilipino culture & preserve our ancient Pilipino art forms. 

Show your love and support for Kularts!

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Here’s just a few projects & activities we have in the works:
– Maség Typhoon at Yerba Buena Gardens

– Philippine Tribal Tour 2015

– She Who Can See by Alleluia Panis,

– Kwentóhan

– the Kodakan exhibit returns home to the I-Hotel,

& the 2015 SOMA Pilipino Arts Festival.


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